At NEC Kingwood ER, we have transformed the emergency room experience into one that is comfortable and the epitome of Kingwood care, with modern décor, private treatment rooms, and peaceful pediatric rooms. Convenient, around-the-clock emergency care from physicians you can trust. At the Kingwood emergency room, the doctor’s always in.


Our NEC physicians and staff members are positive and energetic, ready to tackle the most complex emergency challenges. This is partly due to the beautiful tress and foliage that surround the Kingwood Emergency Room. Our freshly painted facility also includes wonderful and colorful stone accents at each outside corner and along the front entrance columns. Inside, the Kingwood Emergency Room is nothing short of cozy. A brightly lit and soft-toned waiting room greets patients, while cheerfully painted and decorated pediatric rooms soothe the little ones. Our ultimate goal with the design and ambiance of our Kingwood ER is to ensure the best emergency room experience possible.


1120 Kingwood Dr
Kingwood, TX
United States