15 Injuries that Require Emergency Care

Urgent Care Centers are an excellent source for minor medical care. However, some emergencies require a higher trained staff and more complex medical equipment. When your needs, or the needs of your family, are critical it is important to take these situations seriously and seek emergency care. Here are 15 injuries that will require fast or advanced emergency treatment that should be provided in an emergency room setting.

1-Persistent chest pain, especially if it originates in the arm or jaw

2- Difficulty breathing, speaking, or talking. These could be symptoms of a stroke

3- Severe pain, especially in the abdomen

4- Severe loss of balance, sudden clumsiness or unexplained fainting

5- Sudden paralysis, especially if it is taking place on one side of the body

6- Newborn babies (3 months or younger) with temperatures over 100.4 degrees

7-Deep cuts that continuously bleed and may require stitches- especially if they are on the face

8- Severe flu or cold symptoms, including persistent vomiting or diarrhea

9- Head or eye injuries

10- Serious burns

11- Seizures that are not pre-diagnosed with epilepsy

12- Broken bones and dislocated joints

13- Sudden vision changes, including complete or partial vision loss

14- Any high fever, especially those involving a rash

15-Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy

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