4 Simple Fish Dishes That Can Be Made With Pantry Items

The problem with fish recipes is, well, sometimes they are just fishy. While every fish comes with a different taste, there are ways to inject any cut with flavors that don’t make you think of the deep blue sea—other than frying, that is. Here are some simple, tasty recipes from around the world that can change how you view one of the ocean’s most common bounties.

Teriyaki Salmon

Photo: Bon Appetit

A classic adaptation of the Japanese cooking method, this recipe is simple enough to do on short notice and time restrictions, that is, if you have all the ingredients in your pantry. The most unlikely ingredient is sake; however, you can always substitute the store bought kind.

The saltiness of the teriyaki begs for a bitter counterpart like asparagus with sesame seeds or a refreshing cucumber salad with ginger.

Lemon Sole with Chipotle Chili Recado

This is a perfect  dish for those looking for a bit more spice without being overwhelming.

While this plate calls for sole, you could substitute another thin, flaky fish like tilapia; however, most seafood markets should be able to oblige. Grilling this fish will add that nice char contrast with a spicy sauce, while the lemon adds depth with bright acidity.

It’s a perfect dish to be enjoyed outside in the sunshine but is versatile enough to make all year, even if there’s snow on the ground.

Tuscan Grilled Trout

For a bit of Italian flair, there’s this well-dressed trout.

Garlic and herbs are what differentiates this option. The vinegary baste/sauce adds a briney quality that elevates this dish beyond its simplicity. If you’re entertaining, your guests will think you spent hours cooking, making this an excellent way to get some well-earned compliments. Just kidding, but seriously.

To balance out the herbal notes, you might try pairing this with a creamy lemon risotto rather than a heavier pasta. And don’t forget the wine! Don’t overthink it: make sure it’s white and served chilled.

Orange Roast Sea Bass

Photo: bbcgoodfood.com

Roasting this fish removes any pressure associated with grilling or in the pan. Just make sure you get the oven at the right temperature and don’t overcook it. If sea bass isn’t available, you can another thick, meaty fish like cod.

What makes this spread interesting are the surprising flavor pairings. Fish and citrus isn’t anything new, but adding mustard provides an unexpected and welcome tang.

As for the lentils, they can come from a box. No shame in that. You can also mix things up with couscous or simple rice.

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