Affordable Family Vacations

For most families, summertime means vacation time! So where can you go for a fun, affordable family vacation? The possibilities are endless. From amusement parks and beaches to nature and museum excursions, there is something for the whole gang to enjoy together. Let’s begin planning your 2017 summer vacation.

Where should you go?

You should always pick your vacation destination based on what everyone in your family loves to do. How many children you have and the age of your children will help you determine whether it’s best to fly or take a roadtrip. It can also help you determine where the kids will have the most fun. Babies can entertain themselves on the beach the whole day with simply a bucket and sand. But remember the sunscreen! However, if your kids are older, they may want more exciting entertainment, such as an amusement park.

When is the best time to go?

You may find that prices vary over the summer months, depending on where you are heading. During the summer season most beaches are crowded. But you may find better “summer deals” or family packages. The summer is also a great time for non-traditional vacations that feature historical culture, such as Washington D.C.

What is your budget?

Budgets are extremely important when you are considering where you will go over the summer. It affects where you will be going and how long you will be staying. The most expensive part of vacation is normally the airfare. If your budget is smaller, you can have a great family trip staying closer to home. You can also make the most of a shorter trip, and have a fun weekend getaway.

Affordable Texas Getaways

For those of you residing in Texas, we have some great summer spots that you and your family can easily visit by car or a short plane ride. Enjoy the great state of Texas this summer, and drop by our Facebook page to let us know where you’re traveling!

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