Most Common Summer ER Visits

The summer months are a great time to enjoy time with your family and relax. However, emergency room visits spike during the summer months for various reasons. From more constant outdoor chores, to daylight savings extending the hours kids can go outside and play, the warm weather brings more chances of accidents and injuries. As many parents know emergencies are never a matter of “if”, but “when”.

Be prepared this summer, and know where your nearest Neighbors Emergency Center is located. Traditional hospital emergency rooms have a standard wait time of 2 hours, while Freestanding Emergency Rooms, like Neighbors, have an average wait time of 8.5 minutes. That’s the difference between returning home and having dinner with your family after an emergency, or still sitting in the waiting room hoping to have your name called before it gets dark out.

Be on the lookout for the most common summer emergencies, and know how to combat them with awareness and knowledge.


A large amount of emergency room visits are due to injuries from a fall. This includes varying situations, such as summer based work accidents including ladders or roofs, or a child falling off of a jungle gym at the park. The greater the fall, the more likely a trip to the ER will be.

Foot Injuries

When the hot summer months hit, our shoes tend to come off. This results in many foot injuries. From kids running barefoot in the grass, to an unexpected splinter or bee sting, skin exposure of the foot and legs can cause an ER visit.


Different types of burns can land you in the emergency room. A lack of sunscreen can cause extremely harmful burns that can lead to excruciating pain. Summer barbeques can also be dangerous with both adults and children exposed to propane, and hot grates. You sould be sure to take extra precaution during any events that involve grilling.

Swimming Injuries

During the summertime, families tend to spend time in and around water. It is extremely important that as a parent you are aware of your children as they play near any body of water. Children are more likely to drown in pools, while teenagers and adults are more likely to drown in natural bodies of water. Spinal injuries from diving or jumping into water are also common.

Bicycle Injuries

Although bike riding may not seem dangerous, adults and children alike are frequently injured during biking accidents. In 2011 over 400,000 people were taken to the ER with biking injuries, many of which took place during the summer. To combat this, always make sure you and your children are wearing helmets and have on the proper pads and safety equipment.

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