Earth Day

Although we appreciate Mother Nature all year long, Earth Day is a great time to show your outward appreciation to the Earth. Check out these fun Earth Day facts, and learn what you can do to get involved on April 22nd.

  • Earth Day began on April 22, 1970
  • Gaylord Nelson was the U.S. senator who founded Earth Day
  • He was inspired by an oil spill in Santa Barbara, California
  • Earth Day began in the United States, but has been recognized worldwide since 1990
  • Over 200 million people in over 141 countries have participated
  • Almost 20 million people participated in the very first Earth Day
  • Every year in the U.S. alone over 200 billion beverage containers are sold. About two-third of them end up in landfills
  • The U.S. burned more than 166 million plastics, metals, glass, and paper products last year
  • As of 2017, half the world’s tropical and temperate forest are gone
  • Earth Day Network completed their goal of planting 1 billion trees in 2012

What are things you can do to participate in Earth Day this year? The most common action is to plant a tree. But, if you want to take a less hands on approach, there are plenty of ways to get involved and make a difference.

Make a recycling plan

Get educated! Make a point to know what you can and cannot recycle. Recent advances in technology now provide more options than ever. Items such as aluminum, paper, glass, plastic, batteries, and electronics can all be recycled. Learn more now!

Make a pledge

Make a decision that will positively affect the earth. You can decide to stop running water while you brush your teeth, or to always turn the lights out when you’re not in the room. Post your pledges for your friends to see, and ask them to join in with their own.

Give up bottled water

Bottled water can be found everywhere from gas stations, to restaurants. Although most plastic water bottles are recyclable, the majority of them end up in landfills. Instead, use a refillable water bottle and carry it with you. You’ll not only save the earth, but save money too!

Go paperless

Going paperless is now a common option that many businesses offer. Instead of receiving your bills and notifications in the mail, you can simply receive and pay them online. Doing this causes significantly less paper waste.

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