National Volunteer Week

It’s time to go out in your community and volunteer! National Volunteer Week was established in 1974 by President Richard Nixon to celebrate the efforts of volunteers around the United States. National Volunteer Week helps to encourage people to volunteer, as well as recognizes those who have provided their services to charities, hospitals, and their communities.  

How will you be celebrating 2017 National Volunteer Week?  Here are some volunteer opportunities that you, your family, or organizations that you are part of, can take part in together.

Local Food Banks

By supporting your local food bank you can help fight hunger and provide access to food for millions of Americans. Feeding America distributes 4 billion meals each year through meal programs and food pantries. By volunteering at the food bank, your time can become a gift to those that are hungry, and may not have a meal to eat. You can volunteer with a school or youth group, leadership program, corporate office, or with a specific volunteer group. Find your local food bank and start making a difference today!

Big Brothers Big Sisters

For over 100 years Big Brothers Big Sisters has been helping children realize their true potential. With the belief that every child can succeed in life, this organization matches adult volunteers with children in their communities to promote positive mentoring relationships. Being a Big Brother or Big Sister is an extremely fulfilling experience. You can shape a child’s future for the better by simply donating a little bit of your time. Girls and boys in your community are waiting to be matched with you!

Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House has been helping families with seriously ill children for more than 30 years. By providing a “home away from home” the Ronald McDonald House provides both safety and comfort to families facing a health crisis. Volunteers are extremely important to the team. You can get involved individually, in a group, or through an event. You will do everything from baking cookies and greeting families, to hosting meals and activities. Get started on helping the Ronald McDonald House become a home.

Neighbors Emergency Center has multiple centers opening in Texas. Be sure to check out our Facebook Page for neighborly news and updates.