September Is Self-Improvement Month


“Be a better you, for you.” – Sonya Teclai

September is Self-Improvement month. Sometimes we are so focused on our hardships and weaknesses that we forget we are only human. During this month we should take time to reflect and focus on which areas of our lives need improvement. Our own well-being is important for overall peace in mind, body and soul.

Start off by evaluating how you feel about yourself. Are you your biggest critic? Do you feel regret for past decisions you have made? If so, there are steps you can take to improve your overall mentality towards these feelings.

First, forgive yourself and let things go. Stop beating yourself up for past regrets that have impacted your life. Move forward and focus on your accomplishments and give yourself praise for your successes. There is no sense worrying about things you cannot control.

Another way to improve you mindset is to be grateful. Every day you should jot down at least three things you are grateful for. This is a great remedy as it helps you begin to notice things that you may have never noticed before about your daily life.

Self-improvement can also equate to your physical well-being.  Focus on physical areas of your life that need improvement, but remember that it is not an overnight process. Maybe you want to lose weight, boost energy or cut your soda intake. This can be done by setting realistic goals. Create a fitness plan that you can stick to for several months or plan your meals in advance to be more aware of caloric intake. Evaluate what you are eating and drinking and make small changes that will have a huge impact rather than dieting for a short amount of time. You will see better results and it will change the way you view yourself.

Your relationships also benefit your journey to self-improvement. Evaluate your close relationships and think about how you can be a better spouse, parent or friend. Are you communicating and listening effectively? Is your work/life balance bringing your relationships down? Think about what you want out of your relationships and how you can improve your connections.

Self-improvement can only be accomplished by you. This month is a great time to evaluate your daily life and identify the areas you want to improve. You will gradually see yourself becoming the person you want to be with an improved outlook on life.


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