Top 5 Summer Emergencies

No one plans a trip to the emergency room, but with summer activities going on, unexpected situations may arise. Dubbed “trauma season,” ERs usually see a double in traumatic injuries in children. It’s not just kids- adult ER cases jump about 30 percent. Be cautious during these common outdoor activities and have a safe summer.

Camping and Hiking: The outdoors can be a great place to escape the rush of city life and enjoy a relaxing landscape. When camping and hiking, make sure you’re being safe. Allergic reactions can occur from insects and plant-based reactions. Serious falls can also land you in the ER. Many camping emergencies can happen at night, and require quick action. Don’t wait until the morning – get the medical attention you need as soon as possible.

The Beach/Pool: When you’re around any body of water, always be safe and cautious. It only takes a couple of moments for your child to start drowning. Be alert and make sure you and your kids have had swimming lessons. Playing in the sand can be very dangerous in extreme heat if you’re not properly hydrated. Protect against heat stroke by wearing sunscreen and lightweight, colored clothing, taking a break in the shade, and staying hydrated.

Bicycling: Bicycling is a great way to stay active and venture around the neighborhood or city. Make sure to wear your helmet when bicycling, head injuries are equally as common as arm/wrist injuries. Avoid bicycle vs. car accidents by taking caution and paying attention to surrounding cars who may not be able to see you when biking on streets and roads.

Barbeques: Barbeques can be a great way for family and friends to enjoy food and company outdoors. Keep children away from the grill and make sure you are handling the grill properly to avoid any fires or burns. Second degree burns can happen easily with an open flame. Be safe by teaching those around you how to use the grill (and fireworks) safely. Late night gatherings can lead to late night injuries, but remember Neighbors is open 24/7.

Summer Sports: When you’re getting out there and being active, stay safe to avoid any sports injuries. We want your sporting event to be fun and not painful. Wear the necessary sports protection like knee pads, mouth guards, and proper shoes. Make sure to stretch often, take breaks in between, and not overwork yourself. In the summer heat, playing sports outdoors can be especially taxing on your body. Stay hydrated when playing sports to replenish the water loss by sweat. Dehydration can take you to the emergency room instead of victory on the courts.

With these situations in mind, we want you to have the best summer ever. If you do happen to experience an unexpected health situation we are always here with short wait times and comfortable waiting areas. Visit to find a Neighbors Emergency Center near you!