Happy patient who wished to remain anonymous

Thank you for the professional, prompt, and expert care you provided our daughter with at the Bellaire center a couple of weeks back. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted by helpful nurses and staff who were genuinely concerned about our daughter’s health. We were not sure if our issue was an actual emergency or not, so I appreciated the staff telling us that they would not run unnecessary tests and poke and prod unless they felt it was required. This eased my mind and immediately created trust.

It took less than 10 minutes from the moment we walked in to be seen by Dr. Patel. He was thorough in his line of questioning to try and get to the root of the issue, and then provided detailed explanations to my husband and I about what was going on with our daughter. I felt that he was able to make a confident diagnosis and then he followed up by performing some simple tests to confirm his assessment. All in all, he provided us with excellent care which I am very appreciative of.

This was our first time at an emergency care center, and I walked in unsure about the level of care we would receive. I left the center thoroughly impressed by the technology that is available if needed, the experience level of the staff, and the facility itself. My daughter was in a kid-friendly room where she was surrounded by Disney characters and a TV to keep her distracted. In fact, she has asked to go back to the doctor several times in the last week!

Thank you to the entire staff, especially Winnie our nurse and Dr. Patel, for being so kind and caring! If ever faced with an emergency in the future, this is the place I will go.