Neighbors Health is dedicated to improving the lives of physicians and patients in order to improve the communities in which we live. We are an umbrella company for all Neighbors companies, including Neighbors Emergency Center, Neighbors Physician Group, and Neighbors Practice Management.

Quality healthcare is of the utmost importance to us. We have a passion to continuously improving healthcare and making lives better. Healthcare expectations are changing as patients desire more accessibility in treatment options. Neighbors Health has incorporated this into our business model: we cater to patients who prefer expedient service, with quality care as our driving force.

We are doctors with entrepreneurial spirits who enjoy exploring new ideas. We are a company with heart, viewing things from our patients’ perspectives. Our name says it all–we strive to be the trusted neighbor our patients can turn to when life’s emergencies arise.


The culture of Neighbors Health sets us apart from other healthcare systems and facilities. We operate with our core values in our hearts, minds, and work ethics, and these values actively live and breathe in our company culture. In our team-oriented environment, roles blend to provide support where we need it. Our structure relies less on a hierarchy and more on a pool of common bonds, working collaboratively to achieve our goals. Everyone works together to solve problems, and our staff is on a first-name basis. Loyalty and trust go a long way at Neighbors Health; after all, we are all the guardians of our business and our culture. Our staff stands by each other in times of work and personal turmoil, bringing loyalty to both the individual and to the organization.

Our genuine, respectful, and compassionate environment extends from our team to our commitment to our patients. We think of them as our neighbors, valuing positive, compassionate experiences in every encounter we have to be their Best Neighbors Ever.

10800 Richmond Ave.
Houston, TX 77042



10800 Richmond Ave.
Houston, TX
United States