Houston, TX (March 10) – Neighbors Emergency Center has partnered once again with Radio Disney to bring safety and emergency education to a local Pasadena elementary school.


Students at Turner Elementary pose with Neighbors Emergency Center teddy bears during the Radio Disney presentation.

“We believe it is important for children to learn at an early age what an emergency looks like and how to react to it.” said John Decker, CFO.

On February 21 of this year, Turner Elementary School welcomed members of the Radio Disney Road Crew, who brought with them fun presentations, interactive games, and giveaways provided by NEC.

The Road Crew’s presentation centered on teaching the student body how to identify an emergency and what to do if one happens. Afterwards, the information provided during the presentation was tested and reinforced through interactive games and activities.

“Games are a great way to engage children into a fun learning process, which is why we are always so excited to bring the Radio Disney crew to different schools to show children how learning can be fun,” said Myra Graves, Director of Operations.

Among the games that the Radio Disney crew led with the children was Bandage Me Up, where children would wrap up a pretend injury knee, wrist, elbow, or ankle of the Road Crew. Another game was Word Scramble Emergency, where a group of nine children were each handed one letter of the word “emergency” and then were asked to move around and arrange themselves to spell the word correctly. Finally, they played ‘Nick Says’, a game similar to Simon Says where the children acted out “I have a fever” or “I have a tummy ache” only if it was the emotion Nick expressed.