Neighbors Emergency Center Goes Mobile


Neighbors Emergency Center Goes Mobile

Houston, 8 April 2014

In their efforts to create broader brand awareness, Neighbors Emergency Center partnered up with Spry Creative Group in order to bring appealing design and color to Neighbor’s utility vehicles.

Two branded SUV’s and a mobile billboard truck now travel everyday between the five different Neighbors locations in and around Houston, increasing brand awareness while transporting goods and materials from one center to another.

One of the SUV’s sports a stunning display of red and green shapes with white lettering and a prominent Neighbors logo in the back. The second SUV elegantly displays the Neighbors logo and name on a white reflective surface. Finally, the mobile billboard truck displays all the different Neighbors locations, the website URL, and a couple of beautiful pictures among other useful information.

Neighbors Emergency Center
11130 Broadway St.
Pearland, Texas 77584