Houston, TX (February 27) – Neighbors Emergency Center, a full-service 24-hour emergency care facility with five locations in the Houston metropolitan area, now uses Symptify, an app that has both an online check-in option for those who intend to receive treatment from a Neighbors location and also offers a symptom checker for patients to self-assess their illnesses or injuries.


The Symptify app is available on on individual pages for each of the five Houston area locations and will be available on the pages for new Neighbors locations as they open in Austin and Beaumont later this year.

To use Symptify to check in, patients may access individual locations from the navigation to notify that specific Neighbors location in advance of their arrival time. Symptify speeds up the already quick Neighbors check-in time. Patients may also create a Symptify profile which allows for quicker check-ins in the future. This app allows the emergency medicine professionals at Neighbors to better prepare for the patient’s arrival.

Symptify is a new company that began in February 2013, developed by ER doctors and software engineers in order to provide better tools for patients to assess their health and receive medical treatment. With so much information online, Symptify saw a need to combine the latest medical knowledge with a well-designed, user friendly symptom checker. The online self-assessment tool uses a “customized algorithmic engine to help users educate themselves about the causes of their symptoms.” Find out more about Symptify by visiting their website:

Neighbors Emergency Center was established by ER trained physicians who saw a need for an alternative to the traditional hospital emergency department. Neighbors’ locations can handle any emergency medical situation without the long waits and inconvenience of a traditional hospital emergency room. Short wait times, private exam rooms, and comfortable lobbies at Neighbors Emergency Centers ensure that patient care is the top priority.

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