Neighbors Emergency Center partners with Houston Area Safety Council

Houston is widely known as one of the best places in the U.S. to find stable employment. A claim to fame that has brought huge growth to the area since 2008’s economic decline. With the petrochemical industry making up a great deal of the workforce, and mass development creating demand for commercial and residential construction, many of the jobs in Houston involve hands-on, manual labor. With any construction job or role on an oil rig, comes great risk of injury. It’s important for these workers to receive the best possible medical attention, in the timeliest manner, in the event of a job-related injury.

The Houston Area Safety Council has done a great job at providing medical services to contractors injured on the job and they are about to do those workers an even greater service by partnering with Neighbors Emergency Center.

Thanks to the new partnership, HASC will adopt a policy to exclusively bring workers who are injured after-hours to the nearest Neighbors location and make Neighbors the official after-hours emergency care facility for HASC.

“We are very excited about this new relationship with HASC,” said Paul Alleyne, MD, Neighbors’ Chief Medical Officer. “It is so wonderful to be able to help the organization provide care to contractors who need immediate medical attention after-hours. We know this venture will strengthen the work that HASC does for those workers.”

The new standard procedure should prove to be good news for injured workers as the emergency center boasts short wait times and emergency care provided by excellent physicians. Neighbors also says they strive to provide personalized care to every patient – something that should make injured workers feel at ease and well taken care of.

The Houston Area Safety Council has worked since 1990 to promote safe work conditions for contractors and to provide training that helps lower the risk of accident and injury. Even with the best training, however, accidents still happen and that’s where the organization’s occupational medical services come in. Together, HASC and Neighbors Emergency Center provide the care needed in the event that an injury does occur.

“Neighbors sees this as just the beginning of a wonderful, long-lasting relationship with HASC,” said the emergency center’s Chief Financial Officer, John Decker. “We are proud to support the contractor community and promote health and safety among the industries represented by HASC.”

Neighbors is well-known in the Houston area as a different kind of emergency room – in a good way! As a stand-alone, physician owned and operated emergency room, Neighbors devotes itself to emergency care without the distraction of other departments, or pressure from corporate owners or government. They provide treatment for a wide range of issues including sports injuries, insect or animal bites, cuts, fractures, sprains, and acute illness. They provide splints, stitches, crutches, and more at five Houston area locations.