"It was 20 minutes that changed my life... Everybody was kind, every body was professional."

— Patient Testimonial: Enrique
"If we need it, I know I'm going to go to Neighbors. They have great care."

— Patient Testimonial: Roy West
"the neighbors experience was perfect from the time that i walked in because there was someone there to greet me, get me straight into a room and find out why i was there and what was wrong"

— Patient Testimonial: Fire Fighter
"My experience was so much better at Neighbors Emergency Center because I felt like I was important. I wasn’t just a number to get in and out."

— Patient Testimonial: Cheri
“The pediatric room is very calming to a child because it feels more like a playroom. They have cartoons on the wall and TVs where you can put on the shows they are comfortable watching. It’s a very comfortable atmosphere.”

— Patient Testimonial: Jen
"I felt like they truly wanted to help me... I would recommend Neighbors because their staff is knowledgeable, they're efficient and I think it's effective."

— Patient Testimonial: Celeste
"The service was immediate and the care was superior. I wouldn't send my family anywhere else but Neighbors."

— Patient Testimonial: Drew
"As soon as I walked in I was received with open arms."

— Patient Testimonial: Luis
"It was literally the best care I've ever experienced. I will definitely come to Neighbors before going to any other major hospital emergency room."

— Patient Testimonial: Dominga
"He just talked to me the whole time so I thought he was really nice."

— Patient Testimonial: Karli
“The nurse made me feel very comfortable, and Dr. Chang has a super personality. I never felt like I was just a number.”

— Patient Testimonial: Kimberly
"I feel Neighbors saved my life because they treated the whole person. I would bypass every other freestanding ER out there to get to a Neighbors. It was truly a great experience. I’m an active 64-year-old realtor in Missouri City, Texas, and had been feeling ill. I visited a competitor’s freestanding emergency center where I was diagnosed with pneumonia. Still not feeling better three days later, my daughter suggested I visit Neighbors Emergency Center Pearland for a second opinion. I was impressed with Neighbors from the moment I entered. The exam room was spacious, calm, and prepared with all the equipment I would see in a hospital-based ER. I was treated by a board-certified physician that asked all the right questions that weren’t asked at the competitor. I was exhausted from the several days of experiencing difficulty breathing. The Neighbors doctor had X-rays done and bloodwork performed. By the time I was discharged, I had been prescribed medication for my severe congestion and left with all of my X-rays and lab results so I could follow-up with my primary care physician. Knowledgeable, efficient and effective. That’s what Neighbors Emergency Center Pearland is all about."

— Mildred Poret
"Wow! I could not believe how attentive and helpful the staff was. No waiting. I was in and out in less than an hour. My back is feeling 100% better after receiving a steroid shot which was the best option for me. The doctor provided me with a couple of options and next steps if back pain persists over the next couple of weeks. Welcome to the neighborhood!"
— J.R.
"The nurses and doctors that cared for me were so nice and made me feel like a person, not a number. My situation could have quickly developed into something more serious, but thanks to the fast care I received at Neighbors, it was taken care of much more quickly."
— Jasmine L.
"Just wanted to reach out to thank the Kingwood NEC for the excellent care I received last night… I am feeling much better today and cannot thank Dr. Patel and the staff enough for such expeditious and excellent care and NEC’s terrific, convenient, awesome, and affordable facility and services. When there are so many emergency clinics opening in our area, I feel truly blessed to discover yours in our area first ... Word of mouth speaks volumes and because of your excellent facility, staff, and healthcare, I will be singing your praises throughout our wonderful community in Kingwood."
— Lisa Hollins, founder of the Kingwood Art
"Very clean, bright, and inviting facility! From the moment I walked in, the staff and doctors were incredibly friendly and helpful. I almost forgot about my sinus infection!"
— Angelica Benitez
"My experience at NEC was 100% better than any emergency room experience I have ever had. My daughter was very sick with what turned out to be the flu, so I appreciated the extremely short wait time."
— Daniela Villarreal
"Everyone who treated me was so understanding and informative. I had never had a CT scan before and I was a little scared because I didn’t know what to expect. My doctor took the time to explain everything beforehand, putting my mind at ease."
— Kate Stockton
"It was nice to see a doctor in such a timely manner. My oldest son dislocated his shoulder playing football, an injury that would have had us waiting for hours in a standard emergency room. At NEC, it was a matter of minutes before we were seen."
— James Carlise
"I can't speak more highly of NEC! Friendly and fast emergency care any time of day. Superior to my past emergency room experiences."
— Samantha Taylor



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