The McGuire Family

“Turning a negative into a positive … twice! That’s what Neighbors Emergency Center Texas City did for our family. In late January, our 7-year-old daughter Madison flipped her scooter and landed on her arm, breaking it. My husband took her to Neighbors and was impressed with the calm and clean waiting area and the wonderful staff that took care of them. Madison was given a teddy bear and she and my husband were even offered snacks. Madison’s cast came off in early March, just in time for Spring Break. Our family was enjoying time in Galveston during the kids’ school break when my 9-year-old son Landon fell from a loose bar on the monkey bars at a park, breaking his arm. Back to Neighbors we went! We could have chosen another ER closer to Galveston, but we chose to return to Neighbors in Texas City. We got right in. Dr. King and the staff were very professional and friendly and were great about explaining to us and our kids what was going on. During a time when you are worried about the health of your children, you don’t want to wait. You want answers and for your children to be treated with the best care. Both times our children were scared after getting hurt. But Neighbors calmed them down and eased their concerns. Overall, Neighbors took two negative medical emergencies and turned them into positive experiences. Thank you again!”