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What is the difference between a hospital ER and a freestanding emergency room like Neighbors Emergency Center?

A: Hospitals and freestanding emergency rooms are both open 24/7 and provide the same level of care in an emergency. Freestanding ERs, like Neighbors Emergency Center, operate independently of a hospital and are typically closer to patients’ neighborhoods with much shorter wait times than traditional ERs.

When should I visit an Urgent Care?

A: If you need immediate medical attention, but not one that prompts an ER visit, you should visit an urgent care or your physician. If your medical situation is deemed an emergency, you will be referred to a local ER, such as Neighbors Emergency Center.

What is the billing process like when you visit Neighbors Emergency Center?

A: The billing process at Neighbors Emergency Center is the same as a traditional hospital ER. At the time of service, patients pay the emergency room copay. As with any visit to an emergency room, you may also be required to pay your remaining deductible or any co-insurance that has been determined your responsibility by your insurance provider. If you have any billing and/or insurance questions, please call your Neighbors patient advocate.

What is a Patient Advocate and how do I contact them?

A: At Neighbors Emergency Center, we provide you with a patient advocate. Your patient advocate is responsible for guiding you through the process of understanding your emergency center bill. You can contact them at 844-406-7263 (select option 1).

What insurance do you take?

A: We accept all major private insurance plans like Aetna, BlueCross / BlueShield, UnitedHealthcare, Humana, and others. Unfortunately, at this time Neighbors does not accept Medicaid or Medicare. If you do not have insurance, we’ll work with you on a cash fee schedule to help you cover your visit. You’ll never encounter hidden costs or surprise fees.

I received an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) after my emergency room visit. Is this my bill?

A: After your emergency room visit you will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Your EOB is NOT your bill. Your EOB is a statement from your insurance company sent to both you and Neighbors Emergency Center explaining what medical services were covered and paid for.

What if I cannot pay my balance in full? What are my payment options?

A: There are multiple payment options that you can set up through our billing office. You can set up a down payment, followed by consecutive monthly payments to cover the entire balance. For more information, please contact our billing department at 844-406-7263.

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