Heart Disease

At Neighbors Emergency Center, we know that when you or your loved one are facing a serious medical situation, it can make it hard to recall all the questions you need answered. To help you remember the most essential questions you need answers to, we’ve developed this series, “5 Questions for….” If you are concerned about your risk for heart disease, you can download these questions and take them with you to remind yourself of the information you need to know. 

What to ask your physician about heart disease:

  1. Can this be managed without medication? What treatments do I need? What are the side effects of medications?
  2. Do I need to change my lifestyle, diet, or exercise? Are there foods or activities I need to avoid?
  3. How important is weight control? Do I need to lose weight?
  4. Do I need to manage my stress? What can help me feel less worried?
  5. How often do I need to come in for an office visit? Do I need to be monitoring my blood pressure myself? How often should I get my cholesterol checked?

If your symptoms worsen quickly, seek immediate medical attention. In the case of a cardiac event, fast action can help save lives.

Download 5 Questions