National Call Your Doctor Day

Are you guilty of putting off a doctor’s visit? Do the reminder emails and postcards come in and get sent straight to the trash bin? If you are, you’re not alone. 31% of Americans delayed trips to the doctor in 2020, and more than 50% of seniors canceled appointments altogether. While fears surrounding COVID-19 contributed to this number, Americans have been consistently avoiding doctors and check-ups for years.

Yearly check-ups and regular doctor visits are a crucial part of maintaining our overall health. The need for these has only grown during the pandemic. June 8th is National Call Your Doctor Day, and while this day is normally aimed as a reminder for women to schedule their well-woman visits, we wanted to take the opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of calling your doctor!

Early Detection Saves Lives

February was National Self-Check Month. Along with tips and guides on how to perform simple examinations to ensure your health, we emphasized the importance of seeing your doctor. Annual check-ups help establish a baseline or benchmark for your health. It always gives you the chance to ask any questions you might have about new symptoms and talk about family medical history. Click the link above to read more about Self-Check Month and when to see your doctor!

Let’s Do This Together, Ladies!

From cervical screenings to check-ups, to general women’s wellness we at Neighbors are champions of women’s health! Whether we like it or not, seeing our doctors regularly is a huge part of maintaining that health. In our previous blogs, we’ve discussed the importance of healthy routines, why getting screened for cervical cancer is so important, and 5 questions to ask your doctor when you finally make that call. 

Men, You Aren’t Off The Hook.

June not only celebrates calling your doctor but also recognizes the importance of Men’s Health. Men are statistically notorious for not going to the doctor. A study from Healthline showed that 65% of men will avoid going to the doctor as long as possible and 20% of men aren’t completely honest with their doctors when they do see them. Last June, we Encouraged making men’s health a priority, and our position hasn’t changed. Guys, make the appointment; in the end, your health is worth it. 

Let’s Get (a) Physical, Seniors

As we age, we’re more susceptible to illnesses of all kinds. In May, we honored National Senior Health and Fitness Day by listing healthy tips for senior citizens, one of which included scheduling a yearly check-up. Staying proactive is the best way to stay on top of our health. Aging is inevitable, but getting and maintaining control of our health is crucial to enjoying those twilight years. 

Have You Called Yet?

At Neighbors, we are committed to being your “Best Neighbor Ever,” and that means encouraging healthy habits, like seeing your doctor. Don’t waste another minute. Pick up the phone and make the appointment with your physician. It could save your life. 

And, as always, if you’re in need of immediate emergency care, Neighbors is just a short drive away.