Women’s Health & Fitness Day

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day is observed on the last Wednesday in September every year. Most years, it is observed with large local fitness events to encourage community support of your personal health journey. This year will look a little different but as your neighborhood health resource, we want to encourage you on your health and fitness journey. Whether you are already active every day or trying to find ways to become more active in your daily life, below are some ways to observe Women’s Health & Fitness Day:


Take a walk:
Many people, whether in an office or working from home, find themselves sitting for extended periods of time. It’s best to move on a regular basis throughout the day, getting your steps in during shorter bursts of activity. Take some time today to go for a walk, working your way up to moving throughout your days.


Start a dance party:
Make the mundane tasks in your day, like laundry, vacuuming, or cleaning the house, more fun with music and movement. Put some music on your phone or home speaker and increase your heart rate while you work. 

dance party
Try Online Class

Try an online class:
Many group exercise classes have moved to an online format, and many will allow you to trial the class for free or for a day rate. With classes ranging from dancing to floor pilates to high-intensity interval training (hiit), you’re bound to find something that you enjoy. Try out a class and start a new active habit.


Find a new active hobby:
The pandemic has many people spending more time at home, and a lot of active hobbies have seen a resurgence in popularity. Roller skating, bike riding, kayaking, camping, and hiking have all become more popular over the last few months. Any activity that increases your heart rate and gets you moving is beneficial.

New hobby
Do yoga

Do yoga:
Yoga is a great combination of movement, stretching, bodyweight strength exercises, and breathing. Many people like yoga because they can adjust their yoga practice to what they need each day. If you are feeling tight or low energy and just want to stretch, you can modify your daily practice to focus on stretching. If you want a more active practice, you can choose the yoga poses that will give you a more intense workout. 

The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week. There are many, many ways to be active, depending on your physical needs and personal interests. We encourage you to find ways to work more activity into your days, establishing or maintaining healthy habits.