Most Common Sport Injuries for Children

Cheering on our own kid’s or your neighbors’ kids is a favorite past-time regardless of the time of year. The start of the school year means fall sports are about to begin. Take a few minutes to make sure you … Continued

A Back to School Checklist

A healthy school year can breed academic success. With August here, it’s time to begin setting up doctors’ appointments to get your children’s vaccines current. From immunizations to sleep to a healthy diet, keep your kids strong this year. Neighbors … Continued

Be Sun Smart

Summer is when we spend more time outdoors, mostly for family gatherings and recreational sports. But some people are outdoors in search of a deep sun tan. Those damaging amounts of Ultraviolet rays on skin can cause not only a … Continued

Don’t Feel the Burn

July is a great time of year. A patriotic holiday, family barbecues and watching beautiful firework displays. But this is also a dangerous time of year because of those fireworks. The vast majority of injuries are burns, mostly to the … Continued

4 Steps for Better Men’s Health

Every June, Men’s Health Month is celebrated across the United States. Whether young or more mature, Men’s Health Month is a time to provide the encouragement and education necessary to promote preventable health problems and their solutions. Neighbors Emergency Center … Continued

Migraine Month Awareness Month

Migraines: Are They All in Your Head?

Some people know the feeling all too well. Throbbing pain and nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light. Several symptoms can mark the beginning of a migraine. Over 38 million Americans experience migraines, each with their own unique set of triggers … Continued

Women's Health Month

Women’s Health Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it’s also the celebration of Mother’s Day. In today’s age, women face increasing demands on their time from taking care of their families, juggling their career, to possibly caring for aging or unhealthy … Continued

Stroke Awareness Month

Stroke: It Happens in an Instant

May is Stroke Awareness Month and according to the American Stroke Association, 80 percent of strokes may be preventable. Neighbors Emergency Center believes it’s essential you are fully informed on what a stroke is, steps to prevent a stroke and how … Continued