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Baytown Emergency Center

Neighbors Emergency Center

  • Open 24/7
  • Short Wait Time
  • Adult & Pediatric Care
  • Board Certified Emergency Physicians
  • Fully Equipped Private Treatment Rooms
  • 24 Hour Imaging & Laboratory Testing
  • All Private Insurance Accepted


The Baytown emergency center is one of our newest locations to provide Baytown and surrounding communities withhigh-quality care that is patient focused. Unlike the stressful and claustrophobic ambiance of a typical emergency room,the Neighbors Emergency Center waiting areas are designed to feel just like home. Once our patients and their lovedones pass through our Baytown ER doors, we want them to feel comfortable and relaxed. Our friendly receptionists are there to greet patients and explain any necessary paperwork or insurance needs. Small sofas and cheerfully colored armchairs are available for families and those waiting to see a doctor. While there is plenty of reading material scattered on our stylish coffee tables, we encourage everyone to go through the channels on our brand new flat screen television. Our waiting area is always brightly lit for reading purposes and to show off our impeccably clean floors.


Patients who visit our Baytown ER location will inevitably remember our friendly doctors and the tailored adult and pediatric treatment rooms. We understand that a fist visit to the ER can be very scary for anyone. To combat any initial fear or mistrust, we have painted our treatment rooms in soothing colors, included a chair for a friend or family member and mounted a flat screen television for your viewing pleasure while you wait. Because our Baytown emergency center is open 24 hours a day, we know that some patients will come in late at night and will appreciate the comfortable cots and the ability to turn the lights off if they want to grab some shut-eye while they wait for lab/test results. Our pediatric treatment rooms are designed to be equally as soothing with fun Disney designs on the walls and chairs for both parents.


It is often impossible to plan a trip to the emergency room in advance, especially when it comes to the littlest members of our family who may become injured while at school or playing sports. When it is possible, however, we recommend that Baytown parents do everything they can to come prepared to our emergency room with their child’s complete medical history. The more our Baytown ER doctor knows about your son or daughter, the better he or she will be able to treat them and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Our Baytown ER recommends that you keep a written medical history for each of your children in case an emergency situation arises. A medical file should include: the family’s history of diseases and conditions, history of your child’s previous hospitalizations, the names of medications your child is currently taking, immunization history, previous surgeries, current allergies and other illnesses our Baytown ER doctor should know about.


In addition to providing our ER nurses with your child’s medical history, our nurse may ask if your child has had anything to eat or drink within a few hours of your visit. This may influence the ER doctor’s treatment decisions. Having the name and number of your primary care provider of choice in Baytown, and the number for the Baytown pharmacy you usually visit are also good to have on hand. While our Baytown emergency room prides itself on short wait times, in the case of serious emergencies, parents should be prepared to wait in our waiting room after their child has been initially seen. Be sure to bring reading material. If there’s a chance that your child may have to move from our Baytown location to a hospital, a change of clothing is recommended.


6051 Garth Rd
Baytown, TX 77521